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    Paul, Online Accounting, UK

    "I have never used flight socks before and I used these socks on a short flight to Egypt in July, followed a week later long haul to New Orleans on business, and they were surprisingly comfortable and my legs didn’t ache or swell as they used to. Fantastic product and I wouldn't fly without them."

    Gareth, Airline Pilot, UK

    "On long haul flights, my legs do get 'heavy' and tired. After wearing these socks, my legs felt much lighter and not tired at all...... the socks did not 'dig' at the top of my calf. My lower leg felt very supported and so comfortable... I can highly recommend these socks for leaving your legs feeling light and refreshed after a long day."

    Rashed, Manager Etihad Airlines, UK

    "The milk compression socks were comfortable, and of high quality, and really helped my tired legs. I would highly recommend them."

    Emma, Businesswoman, UK

    "Brilliant! so comfortable, I wore them one day and then washed them in the evening to wear again next day ...... "

    size was tight

    Jaswinder : calf sleeves

    bought a small based on my shoe size it was tight around calf. company exchanged no problem, i think they should make more obvious that the calf width is as important as shoe size and as they told me when calf width pushes you into next shoe size that is okay as the socks adjust to your feet. now i have right size i am really happy with them, they are REALLY comfortable!!!!

    Less aches during full day in the office

    Claire : Compression Socks

    I sit all day in my office and these have helped my legs out so much. Suffering from less aches so they definitely are working.

     Comfortable while working out

    Riley : Compression Socks

    Have been wearing these for a few days during my short workouts and they feel great. Much better than my last pair so thanks!

     Good Product

    Alan J. Mortimer : Compression Socks

    I bought these after a conversation with my doctor, I have varicose veins. I wasn't very knowledgable on which sock I needed - after a thorough conversation with a lovely lady on the helpline, I was advised to pick the classic sock. They are soft, easy to put on and I have hardly noticed that I am wearing them - will be interested to see how much of a difference they continue to make - definitely are helping increase my circulation, my legs do not feel as heavy and the pain I suffer from in my lower leg is not as intense and on some days is gone.

     They are soft and comfortable

    Neel : Compression Socks

    I am an ultrarunner, who runs quite a bit everyday. And for me the most important part of my training is recovery. For that, apart from eating clean food and rest, I rely heavily on compression socks. I tried Atom's compression wear and I have fallen in love with them. The socks are very soft, of a quite durable material and provides adequate pressure on my calves, the way I like. Whatever niggles I have in my legs are gone after I wear them.
    I have the large size as per their measurement chart and colour - black and red. I strongly recommend them as a daily wear.

    I love these socks!!!

    Kelley : Compression Socks

    I have the pink ones and they are so soft and comfy. I'm a nurse and work all day on my feet so when I get home, my feet are usually killing me. When I started wearing Atom compression socks I was happy to notice my feet did not hurt as much as before and I actually had more energy throughout the day.

    Love this product!

    Alyssa : calf sleeves

    Extremely soft and were so easy to put on. Absolutely love the feel, used to wear support wear when I was more active and found I am starting to need the support again and so happy I came across these.

     Great to wear during my tennis games

    Raymond : calf sleeves

    Great product, have been wearing them during my last few tennis matches and so pleased with how they look and feel. Will be ordering the socks too.

    I love these socks!!!
    Kelley, USA
    I have the pink ones and they are so soft and comfy. I'm a nurse and work all day on my feet so when I get home, my feet are usually killing me. When I started wearing Atom compression socks I was happy to notice my feet did not hurt as much as before and I actually had more energy throughout the day.

    A pregnant girls dream
    Erica, USA
    Currently I am 7 months pregnant and I have work a bunch of different kinds of compression socks. Many of them aren't that soft, bunch up and fall down. These socks however were a game changer. They are super soft, never fall down and you can rub out any wrinkles. The best part is the relief they give my legs and feet that were aching before I started wearing them. Makes a huge difference.

    Woke up and my nagging knee pain was gone
    Tried these socks on before I went to bed and wore them overnight. Usually when I wake up my knee bothers me and takes some time to loosen up. But the morning after wearing these compression socks, I had no pain in my knee. Will be wearing these more often now.

    So comfortable and decrease my leg pain
    Steven, USA
    I started wearing atom compression socks when I run and do heavy weight training. Not only do they fit great and never slide down my leg but they really helped with my muscle soreness after tough workouts. This allows me to recover faster and get back at it the next day. Love these socks.

    Work great for my races
    Stacey, USA
    As Spartan Race addict, I need to make sure my body is ready for the race but also can recover after it's over. I tried the Atom compression socks for the first time at my last race and they made me feel so good. I beat my best time and was not as sore as i usually am. Can't wait for the next one.

    Calf Sleeves made from milk
    Zak, USA
    Great product, I wear them for track.

    Look good

    Dan : Massage Sole Compression Socks

    I was sent these as part of a giveaway, just received them, packaging looks great, and socks look really nice and soft. I will wear them to work this week and will give an update of how they performed just day to day work wear. I am a nurse on my feet quite long time and I always wear compression socks, these sound a little different. Watch this space!


    John : Massage Sole Compression Socks

    I wear them during triathlon training and find muscles are less sore afterwards

    Love the massage on the bottom!

    Erin : Massage Sole Compression Socks

    Loving the socks, they stay up and I don’t have the problem of them sliding down during the day. The massage on the bottom is so comfortable, never heard anything of this before so was surprised! I initially was looking for just a regular compression sock but after reading about them I thought I would give them a try and glad I did.

    Helped with swelling on my flight

    Mathew : Massage Sole Compression Socks

    I bought these for a flight as my feet tend to swell. They worked really well, and I had no swelling in my feet. The sock is surprisingly soft and very cooling, my feet didn't heat up in the plane like they normally do. I would definitely recommend these for anyone with swelling issues.

    Soft and great that they are open toe

    Joshua : Open Toe Compression Socks

    Much softer than other compression socks i have tried, feel good on the legs and love that there is the open toe option.

     Fast shipping and comfortable socks

    Lea : Open Toe Compression Socks

     Delivered fast and feel great, did not expect to feel such a difference.