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  • Benefits of Compression Socks [Infographic]

    Benefits of Compression Socks



    Benefits of Compression Socks Infographic Transcription


    Top 5 Ways Compression Wear Will Increase Your Comfort, Healing and Performance!

    Benefits of compression socks, sleeves and shapewear are well known by medical professionals around the world as graduated compression (18-22 mm Hg) provides an approximate 30-40% boost to circulation of blood flow back to the heart.

    1. Benefits of Compression Socks for Travel

    Travelers who sit for prolonged periods of time could be at risk for deep vein thrombosis (dvt). Lack of mobility when traveling causes low blood flow and puts a person at risk for dangerous blood clots.

    Did you know? Flight personnel often incorporate compression socks and sleeves into their routine for pain free travel.

    2. Benefits of Compression Socks for Runners & Athletic performance

    Professional and amateur athletes experience improved muscle recovery during and post workouts. Compression wear naturally alleviates lactic acid buildup and reduces wear and tear on muscles.

    Did you know? Compression socks and sleeves must have a minimum compression of 18-22 mm Hg to have a positive effect on athletic performance.

    3. Benefits of Compression Socks for Recovery

    Doctors recommend compression to naturally stimulate increased healing in the body. Compression wear is especially helpful post surgery and when managing chronic illness and pain. Be sure to consult your doctor as compression wear is not recommended for some medical conditions.

    Did you know? Today’s finest compression wear is stylish and made of soft, flexible and durable milk fiber fabric that never wrinkles, slips or gets too hot.

    4. Benefits of Compression Socks for Pregnancy

    Pregnant women find immediate and long lasting relief from swollen and aching feet and legs. Compression socks and calf sleeves are cooling, comfortable and easy to put on.

    Did you know? Ladies compression shapewear helps the body return back to form after the birth of a child.

    5. Benefits of Compression Socks for Working, Especially Nurses

    Employees who sit or stand for extended periods of time in the workplace can feel better. Graduated compression invigorates legs and feet by alleviating muscle stiffness caused by lack of movement.

    Did you know? Compression wear only feels uncomfortable when it is worn incorrectly or is the wrong size.

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