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  • FAQ

    The following are some FAQs posed by customers, and some points we took the liberty of including, in order to provide information to ensure you have as much information as possible to make an informed purchase decision. 

    What does compression (sometimes termed graduated compression) in socks do?

    Compression reduces swelling and build-up of fluid (including lactic acid) in the lower leg by gently squeezing your lower limb (highest compression is at the ankle) forcing the fluid up and preventing pooling in your legs, ankles and feet. Compression provides the added support required to help blood to circulate through veins in your lower legs. This reduces the development of symptoms of ache, itch, pain and swelling directly caused by poor sluggish blood flow in the lower legs. 

    Is compression suitable for everyone or just those with a problem?

    Everyone can benefit from wearing compression daily. However, Atom Compression Wear products should be worn for wellness and prevention as part of a healthy lifestyle regime, rather than treatment purposes. For those needing to wear compression for medical reasons, please consult your physician and wear the appropriate prescribed medical grade recommended compression product. In addition, we do not recommend our preventative compression wear to those under 16 years of age unless specifically recommended by their physician. All compression has Contra-Indications, please check with your physician if you think you may be adversely affected by a compression garment. 

    What's so special about Atom Compression Socks?

    Atom Compression Socks have many innovative features. They are made from milk, a natural fiber which is skin nourishing, sanitizing, durable, moisture wicking with a silky-smooth feel leaving you with an enhanced wearer experience. They are made at a medical grade factory in Italy, FDA compliant. Atom Socks have our comfortable ‘signature cuff' making them a delight to wear, particularly for long periods, they will stay put all day long without digging in. The compression factor is 18-22mmHg for an effective circulation boost.

    Are they suitable for children? 

    We do not recommend children under 16 years of age to wear compression, unless specifically recommended by their physician, or under guidance from sports coaches. 

    What if I have an urgent question, can I call and speak to someone to discuss?

    Yes, you can call +1 805 294 2986 between the hours of 8.00 am and 5.00 pm Pacific Coast Standard time, (Mon - Fri), however contact by email  will get the fastest response, as we have a team of customer service people able to assist. In the UK you can call the specialist direct on +44 (0) 161 818 9385. For any matter you feel you are not getting the right response and wish to escalate to the CEO, you can email our CEO, Mrs Anja Kahn, at 

    Do you ship Atom Compression Wear overseas?

    Yes, our products are shipped worldwide using global and national courier services. We work hard to buy the best discounted courier rates, and all savings are passed on the you. 

    How long before and after traveling should I wear Atom Compression Wear
    travel socks for?

    The longer the better, but we recommend you start to wear Atom Compression  socks on the day before you travel, the day of your travel and the day after you travel, to obtain the best results possible.
    If you are not able to wear before and after your flight, then wearing them on the flight will help keep the tiredness and any potential swelling under control, and will aid the circulation. When traveling by air, for any flight duration above a couple of hours, drink plenty of water, try and move around (a walk to the restrooms can be beneficial), at very least exercise your feet and aid blood flow by moving your foot in circular motions every so often. If you have any medical condition, or a genetic pre-disposition to DVT, please seek medical advice before you travel. 

    Can I sleep in my Atom Compression Wear socks or shapewear?

    Yes, if you can't bear to be parted from them! However, the main aim of graduated compression socks is to combat gravity, so there would not be any additional benefit provided by wearing them during the night. They are not thermal socks, and it would be good to let the foot and leg chillax!  The ATOM GOLD shapewear, however, is best worn at night as it works silently to retrain and rejuvenate your body.

    How many hours a day can I wear Atom Compression Wear compression products?

    You can wear Atom Compression Wear  products as long as you feel comfortable in wearing them. If at any time, you feel any pain or too much pressure on any part of your body, you should remove the item immediately. Atom Compression Wear products are not designed for treatment of any medical problem (please see contra-indications). Our products are designed to make you feel great and may help in prevention of problems related to standing on your feet or sitting for long periods of time such as swelling and achy feet and legs.  

    Can I wear Atom Compression Wear daily, or will they cause me harm?

    Yes, you can wear Atom Compression Wear daily, in fact that is what we recommend you do, as no harm will come to you from wearing Atom Compression Wear products continuously. We recommend daily and long-term wear as an investment into your future leg health, as part of an overall healthy living regime. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the contraindications of compression prior to wearing Atom Compression Wear and that you make sure you follow our wear instructions carefully. 

    Do I have to pay any duty fees, if I order from outside the US?

    Compression products may or may not be a duty free product in your country. Please inquire from the relevant authority in your country. Customers are responsible for the import of products into their country and must abide by the regulations set by that country. The majority of our hosiery products are classed as medical devices, and the rest as compression products or accessories. These goods may be subject to import duties and tax, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Most countries have a personal allowance which does not impose duty for low value shipments. Unfortunately, Atom Compression Wear has no control over these charges and cannot predict the amounts charged. Any additional charges for customs clearance remain the customer's responsibility at all times.


    What can I do to prolong the life of my Atom Compression Wear product?

    Take care when putting the product on or taking off to avoid catching the fabric with your nails or jewelry. Avoid walking about without footwear as some flooring may damage or catch the fabric, and follow the wash instructions carefully. Regular gentle wash and dry benefits compression fibers. 

    If the fabric allows, should I pull the sock or calf support above my knees?

    No, please ensure the sock remains below the knee. If the sock appears to be slightly long for you, gently smooth out downwards below the knee and adjust to your lower leg length, trying to avoid any folds or creases along its entire length. Due to the special knit techniques our products are very stretchable, and could be stretched easily beyond the knee. We strongly advise you not to do this, as the compression has been carefully calibrated to act between the ankle and the just below the knee for maxim benefit.


    Will my insurance pay for/cover my Atom Compression Wear compression hosiery?

    Atom Compression Wear  products have varying levels of compression; Please check directly with your physician or insurance provider to determine if any of our products are covered by your policy. 

    Are you able to invoice my insurance company directly?

    Sorry, no, we do not work directly with any insurer. If your insurance policy will cover for Atom Compression Wear products, you would have to pay for them initially and then reclaim the cost from your own insurer. 

    What if I change my mind, can I return them?
    Yes, you can return unworn Atom Compression Wear products within 30 days of purchase. Please see returns policy 

    Do you accept PayPal?

    Yes, we also accept all major credit cards from around the world, including Diners Club and American Express. We also take Amazon Pay, so your checkout experience can be simple and familiar, with the comfort of the backing provided by Amazon to all their Amazon Pay members. 

    What do I do if once I have placed my order I want to change it?

    Contact us providing the order number and any other details to see if we can intercept your order to amend it accordingly. Please start the comment section with URGENT ORDER CHANGE REQUESTED. You can also phone us at +1 (805) 294 2986 in the US or 0161 818 9835 in the UK, please have your order number handy.
    If the order has already left our warehouse, you can either re-order anything new you previously did not order, and return any unwanted items when your order arrives, we take back any unworn goods within 30 days of order date. 

    Can I track and trace my parcel?

    Yes, please use the tracking number provided against your order. We work with the main couriers, and in majority of cases they are able to provide full online tracking.  

    What do I do if my order does not arrive?

    Please contact us and we will look into this for you.  

    What do I do if the order is wrong, damaged or incomplete when I receive it?

    Please contact us  and we will put this right to your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we will do all we can to resolve all issues.  

    What do I do if I order multiple items and want to keep some but not all?

    That's fine, simply keep what you want and return the other items, we will refund you accordingly.  

    Shall I order a smaller size in the ladies' shape wear or men's compression wear, so that I get better effect?

    No, please order your correct size, and we would recommend that you look at the measurements provided rather than go by your dress size. Our garments have been carefully sized and made to accommodate the shape and size as per the measurements, and if you get something smaller, you will find it will not do the job effectively and will be very uncomfortable to wear and very hard to put on and take off.  

    Cotton isn't usually a stretchy material, how can the cotton provide me with contour and shape?

    We use a specialist Lanati cotton and Lycra yarn, innovative knitting techniques to provide the compression benefits as listed.  

    How can the baby wear products fit a baby from 6 months all the way to a year?

    The specialist yarn mixes from Lanati Yarns, are based on innovation and technology, and the knit techniques allow the garments to stretch and grow as your baby grows.