Patented products, quality made in Italy, at medical grade factory

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  • Medical Professionals

    We are eager to partner with the hard working medical community, to not only discuss if our products could be beneficial to their patients in their general wellness & healthy lifestyle programs, but also to encourage use of Atom Compression Wear in the medical professional's own busy working lives.

    Medical professionals already know the benefits of compression, and the vast majority wear some form of compression sock on a daily basis, so we will not seek to write reams to make the case for effective graduated compression, however we hope that our ease of wear, comfort factor, and natural milk fiber properties, which enable full day use with extreme comfort will be of interest.

    As a note to save you looking elsewhere on the site, our compression factor is a guaranteed 18-22 mm Hg and production is at a medical manufacturing facility in Italy.  Please do reach out, we'd love to hear from you.

    Thank you for your interest.